English Translations


Dependable and accurate translations are no longer hard to find.

Sourcing pieces of law translated from Arabic into English can be time-consuming and expensive. We include 5,000 expertly written English translations of widely used and commercially relevant laws from across the region. And this number is growing every day.

English translations are also available for the principles of the cases from the Dubai Court of Cassation and the Federal Supreme Court and Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation.

Each and every one of our translations is overseen and checked by our team of bilingual expert legal professionals all of whom have qualified and practised in the Middle East.

Fully Searchable

The text of all our translations is fully searchable. This means that in addition to being able to search for the name of the Act itself, you can also search for terms within the translations.

Our Master Gazette Index lets you search through the titles of all our laws in English. So even if you are not an Arabic speaker you’ll be able to find a piece of law regardless of whether it is in Arabic or English.


If you need a commercial law translated into English that is currently only available in Arabic our team will prioritise your request and send it to you before loading onto the service.